The Best Current TV Shows About School

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For many, school's the last thing they want to think about. For others, watching TV shows about school brings them back to the golden years—or makes them forget about a tough day. No matter who you are, most of us can appreciate a good show about school, or one in which touches upon the ups and downs of such an important (and formative) part of life. Whether it be high school or college, those years of education present good times, drama, hardships, and much more. For better or worse, TV series about school remind us of the good times, while they might help the kids these days get through the next. 

From shows that focus on the classroom like A.P. Bio or Riverdale, to others that incorporate school issues in various episodes (like Big Mouth), plenty of shows take us inside the schoolyard. Even A.P Bio and Mr. Corman give viewers a glimpse into the world of the teacher's lounge... kind of. Regardless, everyone has their favorite school show, so let yours be heard. 

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