The Best Current Shows About Time Travel

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Shows still airing new episodes that have a time travel element. Vote up the all-around best series.

Curiosity about history and the desire to undo past mistakes make time travel a continually fascinating concept, which is likely the reason new TV shows about the subject come out frequently. Many currently airing programs include characters that can travel through time. Want to know what it's like to witness historical moments firsthand? Have a deep seated desire to go back in time and redo your most embarrassing, regretful moments? If so, you may enjoy some of the items on this list.

Many of the best current time travel shows have accrued massive popularity and a cult-like following. Outlander, which premiered in 2014, combines time travel with historical fiction for a fascinating and entertaining viewing experience. Doctor Who, a franchise that's been consistently popular for years, follows the adventures of the titular doctor as he transcends space and time. Some shows feature characters who use time travel to try to save humanity. Other good TV shows about time travel found on this list include La Brea, and the latest addition to the MCU, Loki.

Which current show about time travel is your favorite? Give the best series a thumbs up and please add any good shows we may have missed. And if you're a fan of the genre, make sure to check out our list of time travel films.