The Best Current TV Shows About Work

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Have you ever considered the irony in rushing home from a long day at work, just to watch a TV show about work? Whether we love or hate our jobs, or even get sick of coworkers, the first priority for many of us is turning on the tube after a day at the office, often watching a show that takes place on the job. So, what is it about these workplace TV series we like so much, when they really just take us straight back to work? Perhaps it's simply due to having so many great shows currently airing, many of which deal with work-related situations. 

It's true, of the hundreds of TV shows airing weekly, there's a long list of current shows about work, long hours, coworkers, etc. Whether it's an escape from our own jobs or we truly enjoy putting in the hours, we love these kinds of TV shows. From shows like Mythic Quest to the always-funny Bob's Burgers, dramas, cartoons, and sitcoms based in the workplace account for some of TV's top shows. But just which current shows about work are the best? 

Vote up your favorite workplace TV series currently on air from the list below, and vote any down that you're not a fan of. Feel free to add your own favorites to the list if they're missing.