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Pretty Good Current Shows That Aren't Quite Black Mirror But Are Worth Bingeing Anyways  

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It’s hard not to immediately consume Black Mirror, the bleak, dystopian science fiction series that only releases a few episodes a year. Once you’ve stayed up all night freaking yourself out with Black Mirror technology that feels eerily present to everything in your home, what do you watch next? Consider yourself lucky. New shows like Black Mirror are coming out with a frequency that rivals your thirst for creepy shows on Netflix

If you’re asking “What should I watch after Black Mirror?” the following list of current TV shows like Black Mirror to binge should hold you over until the next season of Charlie Brooker’s dour look at modern technology is released.

These dark TV shows will definitely scratch whatever itch it is you have, from deep dives into real technology that’s changing the world, to scary depictions of a world that’s not as different from ours as you’d like to think.

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The remake of Battlestar Galactica played a big part in jump-starting the modern renaissance of science fiction. The series, streaming on Amazon, tells the story of the last humans left alive after a sneak attack by their mortal enemies, the Cylons. The show explores the political ramifications of leading the final 50,000 humans on an unending trip through space, and asks the question of how do you know someone is your enemy. If you enjoyed the Black Mirror episode "Men Against Fire" then take a chance on Battlestar Galactica

Actors: Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Jamie Bamber

Premiered: 2004

Number of Seasons: 4

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Many of the best Black Mirror episodes ask the audience to consider what it means to be human, and that's the basis of this series streaming on Amazon. On this show everyone owns a high tech servant known as a "Synth," a robotic creation that's more human than human. 

This series will draw obvious parallels to the episode "Be Right Back," but this show dives further into the ramifications of something created to serve growing into a sentient being. 

Actors: Manpreet Bachu, Emily Berrington, Ruth Bradley, Lucy Carless, Gemma Chan, + more

Premiered: 2015

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If you haven't watched The Handmaid's Tale then it's time to settle in and get ready to feel stressed out. If you like the worst-case scenario style science fiction like the Black Mirror episodes "Metalhead" or the macabre "White Bear," then you'll love this series about women being forced into sexual servitude. 

Maybe love is the wrong word. You'll be riveted. You'll be anguished. You won't be able to stop watching until the show's gripping finale. 

Actors: Elisabeth Moss, Joseph Fiennes, Yvonne Strahovski, Alexis Bledel, Madeline Brewer, + more

Premiered: 2017

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H.G. Wells might as well change his name to O.G. Wells when it comes to populist science fiction. Wells was publishing mind bending science fiction from the tail end of the 19th century (with The Time Machine) all the way to 1941. 

This series, which is available on Amazon, takes some of his lesser known stories and puts them on the small screen. If you like how British Black Mirror is then you'll be positively tickled by this series. 


Actors: Ray Winstone, Camilla Beeput, Leanne Best, Brid Brennan, Amelda Brown, + more

Premiered: 2016