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Pretty Good Current Shows That Aren't Quite Black Mirror But Are Worth Bingeing Anyways 

Jacob Shelton
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It’s hard not to immediately consume Black Mirror, the bleak, dystopian science fiction series that only releases a few episodes a year. Once you’ve stayed up all night freaking yourself out with Black Mirror technology that feels eerily present to everything in your home, what do you watch next? Consider yourself lucky. New shows like Black Mirror are coming out with a frequency that rivals your thirst for creepy shows on Netflix. 

If you’re asking “What should I watch after Black Mirror?” the following list of current TV shows like Black Mirror to binge should hold you over until the next season of Charlie Brooker’s dour look at modern technology is released.

These dark TV shows will definitely scratch whatever itch it is you have, from deep dives into real technology that’s changing the world, to scary depictions of a world that’s not as different from ours as you’d like to think.

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While Altered Carbon isn't an anthology series, it will definitely scratch your itch for dystopian sci-fi. This show takes place 350 years in the future where people have been reduced to storage devices full of memories they can transfer from body to body. 

When Takeshi Kovacs wakes up 250 years after his death, he's charged with solving the murder of the world's wealthiest man. If you like hard-boiled detective work with your cyberpunk then this is the show for you. 

Actors: Joel Kinnaman, Renée Elise Goldsberry, James Purefoy, Martha Higareda, Dichen Lachman, + more

Premiered: 2018

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Amazon’s foray into the world of anthologized science fiction is the closest thing to Black Mirror streaming at the moment. Philip K. Dick has what seems to be an unending well of mind-bending science fiction in his library, and his stories are always enjoyable. 

Dick's stories were asking the questions that Black Mirror's Charlie Brooker is just now getting around to, so don't be surprised if the two shows crossover with some of their concepts. 

Actors: Timothy Spall, Anthony Boyle, Tuppence Middleton, Jack Reynor, Benedict Wong, + more

Premiered: 2017

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Amazon has been bringing their A-game when it comes to streaming science fiction shows. This adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel about an alternate 1962 where America lost World War II explores one of the biggest what-ifs of the 20th century. The show feels like an extended episode of Black Mirror, and if you prefer the less science-y episodes of the hit Netflix show, then you'll definitely be able to dig into The Man in the High Castle


Actors: Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans, Luke Kleintank, DJ Qualls, Joel de la Fuente, + more

Premiered: 2015

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If you'd prefer to stick to binging on an anthology series, then check out HBO's Room 104. This show from the Duplass Brothers (The Puffy Chair, Cyrus) explores a variety of stories that occur in one hotel room. Similarly to how Black Mirror tells a series of separate stories that may take place in one universe, Room 104 explores a variety of genres and tones while keeping the main characters apart... for now. 

Actors: Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass

Premiered: 2017