Current TV Shows That Are Just Game of Thrones Ripoffs

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Vote up the series that are most obviously trying to replicate the success of Game of Thrones.

Here's an extensive list of TV current tv shows trying to be Game of Thrones. While there's nothing wrong with being inspired by a poplar series, there's a fine line between homage and straight up ripoff. In an attempt to capitalize on the success of the popular franchise, these Game of Thrones ripoff shows wander a little too far into the territory of imitation. Which of these shows are most guilty of just copying the popular series? Vote below to decide. 

What series will you find on this list? Vikings, which first premiered in 2013, has a similar historical drama vibe to Game of Thrones. Mary, Queen of Scots, provides romance and drama in the CW series Reign. Other shows ripping off Game of Thrones include The Last Kingdom, The Shannara Chronicles, and The White Queen.

Which show do you think are the most shameless ripoffs? Vote them up below and add anything you feel is missing.