The Best Current Shows Where Nothing Happens

If you've been paying close attention to the airwaves lately, you've probably noticed that there's a lot of television where nothing happens popping up. Not every show has to follow the every day workings of a drug dealer, or the political ambitions of a ruthless politician in order to be interesting, and ranked here are the best shows where basically nothing happens. These TV shows still manage to be not only interesting, but some of the best current series. How do they do it? 

Mostly character-driven shows, these TV series where nothing is really happening following interesting people, have dense and well-written dialogue, and focus less on plot and more on jokes, tone, and character development.

Which are the best TV shows where nothing happens? Whether it be a breakout Netflix show about the living in New York City, while trying to have an opinion on some topical issues, or a show about literally the worst people living in Los Angeles - here are the best shows on television right now - where literally nothing happens. Vote up the best of them and add any other series that fit the bill.


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