The Best-Written Current TV Shows

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Vote up the best TV shows with great lines, plot twists, scenes - just great writing overall - that are currently airing new episodes.

This list of current TV shows with the best writing ranks all the series that are sure to impress and entertain audiences. From brilliant dialogue to memorable character arcs, the people in the writer’s rooms of these current series deserve their accolades. In fact, several shows on this list have been nominated or received awards from the Writers Guild of America, the Emmys, or the Golden Globes. For instance the writing on Fargo has consistently received praise and nominations.

Current TV shows with good writing can be found on subscription channels, on cable channels, and on broadcast networks. The best writing currently on TV can be seen in hilarious sitcoms and tear-jerking dramas. Archer and Bob’s Burgers are great examples of animated TV shows that are written with supreme excellence and a refreshing sense of humor. Of course, the writing on The Simpsons has launched the careers of people like Conan O’Brien. In fact, O’Brien left the writing staff on Saturday Night Live in order to join the brilliant team at The Simpsons.

So which current television shows have the best writing teams and the best overall writing? Vote up the best-written shows and see where your favorites rank.

Most divisive: South Park
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