The Best Current TV Shows You Can Still Catch Up On

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Vote up the best currently running shows (that aren't procedurals) with less than 3 seasons to watch.

Need help deciding which TV shows to catch up on? Here is a list of shows that have only been going for a few seasons, which means you can watch all the episodes before yet another new season begins airing. After all, starting a new TV series is a commitment and it can be intimidating - there's so much to catch up on! It can be difficult to decide on which TV series to commit to watching. But thanks to this list of current TV shows that are easy to catch up on, you'll be chatting at the water cooler in no time about the best tv characters. You might want to start with these TV shows that are ending in 2022

These current TV shows you can still get all caught up on and are both easy to watch and easy to stream. Get ready for the second or third season of a show that will soon be your favorite, by catching up now! Watch all the episodes of The Mandalorian so you'll be ready when it returns. There is also not much to catch up on with shows like The Boys on Amazon Video. With only a season or two already released, you won't spend months taking in season after season.

Current TV you can catch up on ranges from animated series like Star Trek: Lower Decks to supernatural shows like What We Do In The Shadows. On Netflix, you can catch up with The Umbrella Academy to see what all the hype is about.

Which of these shows do you plan to catch up on? Which TV series with just a season or two under their belts are already the best? Cast your votes below and add any other series that TV fans might want to spend a weekend or two getting all caught up on.

Photo: The Umbrella Academy / Netflix