Current TV Shows You Totally Lie About Watching To Sound Smart

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Vote up the shows you tell people you're watching, despite never having seen an episode.

While there's no accounting for taste, some people will judge you harshly for not watching the most pretentious current TV shows. Some find things like Twin Peaks downright boring. Some current shows you watch to seem smart have massive casts, making them hard to follow. Other current pretentious TV series tackle social issues in a manner some may find heavy handed. While these current TV shows you say you watch may rake in the awards, maybe they're just not for you. 

What shows will you find on this list of TV shows you lie about watching? The Walking Dead has a massive cast of characters. Fom Jon Snow to Tyrion Lannister to Daenerys Targaryen, all these competing storylines may be hard to follow and leave you yawning. With everyone quoting Rick and Morty, non-watchers have to laugh along without getting the joke. Other good current TV series you lie about watching may include Archer, Stranger Things, and Dateline (or any news-type show, for that matter).

What's the worst current TV shows you feel compelled to say you watch? Give these examples a thumbs up and please add any cool TV shows you don't really like we may have missed.

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