Weird History

The Tragic And Cursed History Of Two Guns, Arizona

Two Guns, AZ, is one of the many cursed ghost towns scattered throughout the Southwest. It's a long-abandoned town, but tourists still stop to see its ruins along Old Route 66. Set on the rim of a canyon, the strange little town was the sight of a tragedy involving two Native American tribes. Beginning in the early 1920s, Earle and Louise Cundiff established a trading post, which grew over the years to include a restaurant and gas pumps.

A man named Harry E. Miller showed up in the late '20s, leased property from the Cundiffs, and constructed a full-blown tourist trap. He played up the area's turbulent history and claimed he was full-blooded Apache. It's unclear if this claim was true. However, it was clear Miller wasn't happy simply leasing land from the Cundiffs: he wanted to own Two Guns, and his actions led to many disputes and at least one slaying.

But some wonder: was the downfall of Two Guns Miller's fault alone, or did the land have a curse long before he blew into town?