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17 'Cursed' Historical Photos That Made Us Say 'What Is Happening?'

February 22, 2021 6k votes 559 voters 17.1k views17 items

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The definition of a "cursed" photo is somewhat subjective. Generally, cursed photos are creepy, unsettling, often poor quality, and make you curious about what is actually going on - and why the photo was taken in the first place. Creepy historical photos have that cursed feel to them, provoking a shudder or causing one's jaw to drop. Cursed historical photos, on the other hand, take mystery and eeriness to a whole new level.  

Not all cursed historical images are created equal, nor is a cursed photo universally accepted as falling into the ominous category. We've found some historical photos we think might fit the bill - vote up the ones that are definitely cursed.