This Guy Turns Your Favorite Pop Culture Characters Into Adorably Curvy Icons

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Fat pop culture fan art from Alex Solis is bold and beautiful, but you can let his awesome collection of curvy, Hollywood icons speak for itself! In a creative flurry of curvy pop culture fan art, this talented visionary transforms familiar faces from a generous array of franchises into hunky, chunky stars!

Without missing a single corner of the geeky kingdom, Alex Solis takes comic book characters like Batman and Hellboy, video game superstars like Star Fox and Luigi, and modern-day cartoon sensations like Sailor Moon and Rick and Morty, and gives them some seriously thick new bodily renovations.

Read on as your favorite pop culture characters stuff their faces full of sweet and greasy treats as they become the foodies you never expected them to be. Equipping themselves with calorie-heavy sidekicks, overweight fictional characters take the realm of fan art by storm!

Photo: Alex Solis / Instagram