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13 Times Customer Service Did Not Service The Customer

September 17, 2020 7.0k votes 1.5k voters 143.0k views13 items

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The customer isn't always right, but sometimes they are. These r/talesfromcustomerservice are proof that businesses can be wrong and customers occasionally know what they're talking about.

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    You Never Know Who You're Serving

    Posted by u/queenkobra:

    I love going out to dine solo. And I like to sit at a table if it’s not too busy. I will always tip at least 20% or a minimum of $10 if I have a very small bill and service seems at least standard, because I was a server for over 5 years, and I want to pay it forward. But most servers would never know this.

    I took myself on a solo date yesterday for the first time since I got laid off in March. I was so excited. Until I sat down. My server came to my table took my order for coffee and asked if anyone was joining me. I said no, just me, and then I waited for my coffee. And waited. And waited. And waited. I waited about 20 minutes before asking the host where my server was and then waited another 10 before I finally left. I don’t deserve to be ignored just because you don’t think I am worth your time. I know how some servers react to getting a 1-top table. I know how some react to getting black people in their section. I know how they react to having to serve young people. But if you are a server and act this way, you don’t deserve a tip and you don’t have the right to judge people based on stereotypes. You never know who you are serving.

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    Arrested For Honesty

    Posted by u/StellaRose5335:

    One of our local big box stores has had a mother arrested in front of her small children for coming back in to pay for a case of water in the bottom of her cart that she forgot to scan. There's no way in hell I'd ever go back and try to do the right thing at that store.

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    A "Reverse Kevin"

    Posted by u/CoqeCas3:

    So I’m at [Popular Fast Food Restaurant] one day and I’m not that surprised to find that my order is short two hash browns. I confirm, yes, they’re on my receipt so I did pay for it. Due to many previous similar situations at [Popular Fast Food Restaurant] in [Really Sh*tty Town] I all but expect this to happen, I don’t even get pissed anymore.

    So I go back up to the counter, wait for the cashier to finish with his customer and then the following ensues:

    Me, Reverse Kevin (RK) and Manager (M)

    Me: totally calm and without any attitude Yeah I ordered two hash browns with this.

    RK then makes this odd, snarky noise and proceeds to turn and do something on his POS. I start to wonder if he just ignored me then he turns back and says ‘that’ll be $2.11’

    Me: what? No I already ordered them.

    RK: No you didn’t.

    Me: momentarily stunned by the glaring ignorance, even winced a bit uh.. ya I did. I have the receip—


    Side note: I am without a doubt NOT even remotely a kevin. I will eat burnt food. I once ordered a Mexican skillet with biscuits and gravy on the side and they brought the skillet to me covered in the gravy, and I ate it because that’s how much I resent people who send their food back. I was a server, I respect what they have to deal with and hate to add to their troubles. And no I would not recommend a Mexican skillet with country gravy. That was pretty gross.

    Anyway, so this d*ckhead, by calling me a Kevin actually managed to turn me into one, because the very next thing I did was.... well...

    Me: ha, I cant believe I’m about to say this but I’m going to need to speak to a manager.

    RK: completely ignoring the next customer that’s walked up dude, you ain’t gonna see a manager. You gonna pay for the hashbrowns or you gonna get the f*ck out you entitled prick.

    Me: wow, sir, the only thing I’m entitled to is what I paid for and—

    By this point, RK made enough commotion that the manager noticed.

    M: what’s going on here?

    RK: this guy tryin’ to get free hashbrowns.

    Me: that’s incorrect: I ordered two hashbrowns with my meal, didn’t receive them and this gentleman is trying to charge me again.

    RK (to his manager): I saw this guy shove those hashbrowns down his throat over there and then come up here with this bull man.

    Me: wha...? Are you kidding me right now?!


    M: having to force himself between me and RK whose getting very much in my face now ALRIGHT, alright... you said you saw him do this right over there?

    RK: yeah right there by the trash can, then he threw the wrappers away.

    Me: i see M glance up at the camera pointed at that area do it man, I can wait.

    M: wait right here sir, RK, come with me please, [other employee] can you take over for RK real quick?

    So I wait, start eating the rest of my order, contented by the fact that I know what M is going to see on that tape: that I walked to the door by the trash can RK pointed at, checked my to-go bag, didn’t take anything out and walked straight back to the counter where all this started. I surveyed the cams in the lobby, i was in plain view the entire time.

    A little while later RK comes out in a huff, all ‘woe is me’, refuses to make eye contact. Threw the door open so hard I’m surprised it didn’t break. The manager then appears with my hashbrowns. He apologizes for RKs actions, informs me that’s not the first incident and that he’s been let go and comps my entire meal.

    I mean I get it, entitlement seems to be an infectious disease these days, but ffs....

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    Bare Handed Burger

    Posted by u/overursh*t:

    So this just happened and I’m still baffled. I went to a chain “gourmet” burger place (by gourmet I mean not fast food, this is by no means a Michelin star rated place). I ordered a burger to go, it was slow as hell so I KNEW this was my burger. One female employee was training a younger male employee. He had gloves on and he was building my burger. I guess he did it wrong or something because she grabs the parts and fixes it, with her barehands and then wraps it. I think she realised because immediately after, she slapped on a pair of gloves.

    In the sweetest, kindest voice I could muster, I explained the situation to the cashier and asked for it to be remade. The cashier explained it to her and I watched her roll her eyes and haphazardly slap some sh*t together. When she handed it to cashier, I heard her say in Spanish, “Tell that b*tch I barely touched it at all” in a sarcastic tone. Needless to say, I won’t be going back over there again. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to not want my food touched in the middle of a global pandemic.

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