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13 Times Customer Service Did Not Service The Customer

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The customer isn't always right, but sometimes they are. These r/talesfromcustomerservice are proof that businesses can be wrong and customers occasionally know what they're talking about.

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    Do You Even Care?

    Posted by u/valnav0430:

    So this weekend my family and I stayed at a hotel in my town. Everyone was getting into bed and I went to the restroom and had just closed the door when I heard a crash. I came out and saw dust and the fixture above the window that holds the curtain had fallen and hit my grandmother on the forearm. Apparently she’d only moved the curtain to open it so we could see the city lights, and the fixture popped right out of the screw holes in the ceiling (which had dust coming out of it like sheet rock?)

    My mother called the front desk and tells them what happened, and they say “oh okay I’ll write it down so they can check in the morning...” No apology or anything. And no one comes the next morning (this morning) to check it so my mother went to the front desk to remind them and tells them that my grandmother got hurt and all they said was “I’m sorry about that. We will make sure you don’t get charged for damages.” Like WTH? It was not our fault, let alone my grandmothers fault, that the fixture obviously was not properly installed! I was very upset at this but my mother was in no mood to argue so we simply checked out and left.

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    Don't Ask About The Chicken

    Posted by u/MyMusicAtWork:

    Yesterday I went to my local butcher shop in a small town. I have met the manager numerous times in the past, know his name, and he’s always been extremely cordial, friendly, and helpful.

    So I noticed they have a new offering - in-store cooked rotisserie chicken! If you read my previous chicken-related post, you’ll understand how this might have been an extremely appealing option compared to buying raw chicken that one cooks at home. The rotisserie oven is behind the counter and you can see them doing their thing, big sign above advertising the new addition... but no pricing anywhere. This shop is great quality and reasonable priced, but I don’t want to pre-commit to what ends up being a $20 small rotisserie chicken.

    So the manager is walking by behind the counter, and I say hello! followed by an enthusiastic “I see you’ve got rotisserie chickens now!” and ask “how much are they?” He barks “$4.99/LB” and I pause for a minute and go “oh... ok!” because I’ve never heard of a prepared chicken being sold by the pound, most grocery stores have a flat price (I.e. $12.99/chicken). Then out of nowhere, he snarls “WELL THEY’RE RIGHT THERE” grandly and sarcastically gesturing at the oven behind him.

    I was so shocked and taken aback by his extreme reaction, but chalked it up to him having a bad day, maybe I was the 100th customer to ask him the same question, he REALLY doesn’t like the new rotisserie chicken, etc. But honestly I’ve worked for years in customer service and even with the worst customers I would’ve never dreamed of addressing them like that, and all I did was ask a perfectly normal legit question about the new freakin chicken!!! Perhaps more informative signage (I.e. with pricing) about the new product might minimize what are deemed stupid questions about said new product?!

    So I told him I could see the chicken just fine and asked what the average weight for a bird was (2.5 pounds) because most places just have a set price per bird, but at that point I told my husband to just buy the steak he wanted so we could leave because I had no interest in the chicken anymore. The other employee behind the counter served us and was lovely!!! She seemed slightly embarrassed for the manager’s behaviour and was trying to make up for it.

    I guess because he’s always been so nice, the 180 on his personality and customer service was extra shocking, especially since it felt so unwarranted - I’ve been running the situation over in my head and wish it was one of those times I had said something back, but I’m trying to give extra leeway, be extra kind, gentle,and understanding these days, but it also bothers me I let him treat me like that. Debating whether to let this experience determine whether I go back again, and whether I deal with him in the future. Funny enough, this is a case of I do actually know the owners, but don’t think I’d ever mention something like this or name drop knowing them to him.

    So I decided to come vent here instead. Thanks for listening!

    Oh PS kicker was the manager was “wearing” a mandatory mask, but it was down on his chin with his nose and mouth exposed (last visit too.)

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    Woman, Get This, Can Be Strong!

    Posted by u/PolishMountain:

    I (23F) went with my boyfriend (24M) today to help him rent a van and move his new mattress and boxspring to his new apartment. Upon arriving at the small furniture place he got his mattress from and greeting the owner, the owner gave me a look up and down, looked at my boyfriend, and said "well that's your help?" and looked over to me to say "No offense." We then waited for the owner, who is a rather large elderly man, get up from a recliner perched in front of a television and grab his cane to direct us to where the mattress was.

    Now, I like to consider myself extremely athletic. I'm a rower and rowing coach, and on top of regular rows I also go to the gym 2-3 times a week to lift. I certainly can't deadlift 400 pounds, but I'm definitely strong enough to hold up half a mattress. I'm not great with on-the-spot comebacks, but had to really bite my tongue to say "well, I am offended." We left without him saying anything else, but even still several hours later I'm still fuming.

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    The Kiosk People Are The Scariest

    Posted by u/Shootthemoon4:

    I had an unfortunate incident today at the mall when looking around. I passed by a kiosk that was selling body lotion and body scrub. A well dressed woman greeted me as I passed, handed me a sample. As soon as I reached out to take it, she guided me to the booth, asked me several questions, and before I know it I had the salt stuff on my hand. I am required to put my stuff down so I could proceed to ‘wash’ my hands in a large bowl while she asked even more questions while simultaneously spraying water on my hands filled with a spray bottle.

    Everything was happening so fast and I could hear the alarm bells ringing that I need to get out of there. By the time she started handing me the jar and the lotion and wanted to give me this jar for free especially after I buy the lotion.

    I remember replying that I would love her business card, so that I can look at their website later to see if there’s anything else that I like. This is also my way of getting people to back off if there’s something I don’t like or I’m Genuinely interested and want to look at a vendors products later.

    But she kept pushing more information on me so I handed the jar back to her and said that this would be a lovely gift for somebody else because she’s been so kind, I just wanted to get out of there but I so badly did not want to be rude but I think I should have. I looked up online about similar cases and this is a very real thing that happens, especially with dead sea mineral products and similar aggressive tactics.

    The sample I was given and still had I handed it to a nearby store clerk which they graciously threw away, and had sympathy for my feelings after that. They even gave me directions on how to get out of that side of the mall so I could avoid that kiosk. To that store clerk in the S store, thank you for restoring my sanity.

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