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Cut Bank movie quotes bring the thrills as one small town deals with a murder that just happened to be captured on video. The crime mystery was written by Roberto Patino and directed by Matt Shakman. After appearing at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, Cut Bank opened on April 3, 2015.

In Cut Bank, Dwayne (Liam Hemsworth) is helping his girlfriend, Cassandra (Teresa Palmer), prepare for a beauty pageant by filming her introducing their small town of Cut Bank, Montana. That is interrupted when in the background of the scene, mailman Georgie (Bruce Dern), is shot. As a result, mail is delayed, something that terribly angers local nut job Derby (Michael Stuhlbarg).

Dwayne takes the tape to the police and along with Cassandra's father, Stan (Billy Bob Thornton), who is also Cassandra's father, Sheriff Vogel (John Malkovich) begins to investigate the murder. A generous reward is offered for information on Georgie's body, one that Dwayne seeks to claim, but considering that Georgie is not in fact dead and possibly conspiring with Dwayne to cash in, this creates a tricky situation. Meanwhile, hell bent on retrieving his parcel, Derby begins hunting down those involved in the shooting with Dwayne first on his list.

Cut Bank brings the mystery to theaters which are already showing other great films including Furious 7, Get Hard, Hard, Insurgent, and Cinderella (2015).
A Video of the Murder
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Sheriff Vogel: So, we got ourselves a video of the murder.
Dwayne: Yes, sir
Sheriff Vogel: The first murder this town has ever seen.

Sheriff Vogel, Stan and Dwayne talk about the murder, the first in town. Isn't it convenient that there just happens to be a video tape of the event?
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Welcome to Cut Bank, Montana
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Dwayne: Come on, give it another go. The video's on.
Cassandra: I'm not ready, Dwayne. I need another rehearsal.
Dwayne: There's no time for rehearsal. The sun's falling.
Cassandra: I feel stupid, Dwayne.
Dwayne: Well, you look like a starlet.
Cassandra: Really?
Dwayne: Yeah, just like Natalie Wood. Think about it like it's just me and you practicing in your room, okay? I'll video the rehearsal.
Cassandra: Okay... Hi! Welcome to Cut Bank, Montana, where the Rockies meet the plains. My name's Cassandra Steeley and I'd like to show you my town full of cheer and wanted kindness. Here, we're surrounded by miles and miles of wheat and canola fields and soaring mountains. There's a Blackfoot indian reservation nearby that gives us rich cultural diversity. Cut Bank's a treasure... Dwayne?
Dwayne: Stay down!

In preparation for her beauty pageant, Cassandra films a video with boyfriend Dwayne. Suddenly their moment is interrupted when in the background, a mailman is shot.
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Secret Business with Derby Milton
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Gretchen: So what's this secret business you got with Derby Milton? He stopped by Drewry's after hours last night asking about you, worked up on Harvey real good.

Gretchen wonders what Dwayne and Derby are working on together. At least she assumes that they are working together. Dwayne, on the other hand, learns that in reality, Derby is trying to hunt him down.
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I'm On To You
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Stan: What the hell's going on here? I come here with my prospective buyer and you make me out to be an imbecile. All the blinds are shut. There's enough beer cans over there for a three-day binge. Phonograph turning. Looks like a hobo camp in here.
Dwayne: It won't happen again, sir.
Stan: You're damn right... Is your brow sweating?
Dwayne: No, sir
Stan: Look me in the eye when I'm talking to you.
Dwayne: I've been cleaning them parts like you said and I'm sorry about the beer.
Stan: I'm on to you.
Dwayne: What are you talking about?
Stan: Of all the places you can point a camera, you point it at a money-making crime? Now that's downright lucky and lucky don't run in your blood. You and me both know that.
Dwayne: It'd take perfect execution to pull off that ploy and I ain't smart for that.
Stan: Your squirrely ass don't want to know what would happen if you don't stick around. You abused my trust. I thought better of you.

Stan suspects that something with Dwayne's story is amiss and confronts him about this thought. The fact that the shop is in disarray, like someone has been living there, only supports this theory.
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