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Adorably Nerdy Cross Stitch Art That Every Geek Will Want On Their Wall

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Who says nerdy cross stitch art can't also be cool cross stitch art? Throw a dash of adorable in there and you've really got something. Nerd culture has become mainstream and brought with it all kinds of DIY nerdy hobbies. There are hordes of talented geeks out there making beautiful fan art, for example, (though there are some less skilled fan artists out there).

Cross stitching is an interesting fad, as it once belonged exclusively to grandmothers. Fortunately, though, some nerds have started participating and their creations are priceless. Collected below are some of their most ingenious works.

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    This Is A Good Reminder For All Gamers

    Photo: Shellfx / DeviantArt
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    Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock Shall End In An Eternally Inevitable Draw

    Photo: SlightlyWicked / DeviantArt
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    The Single Most Fitting Stitch Subject

    Photo: Santian69 / DeviantArt
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    Everyone Should Adopt This Schedule

    Photo: Fusainne / DeviantArt
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