WATCH These Super Cute Animals Have Some Of The Most Brutal Defense Mechanisms In The Animal Kingdom  

Mick Jacobs

The adjectives 'cute' and 'dangerous' do not exactly complement each other, but they are not mutually exclusive terms. Some of the 'cutest' animals in the world possess a shocking set of defense systems even the US government is angry it didn't come up with first, and the wildest defense appear in the below video.

Regardless of how beautiful or adorable an organism might look, it might be hiding a fearsome stinger beneath its fluffy fur or a deadly poison it shoots from its seemingly adorable maw.

Animals like skunks serve as excellent reminders that harmless-looking animals often come packing an unexpected punch. Despite their size or innocent appearance, many organisms belie their cuteness with all sorts of hidden defense systems.

Instead of learning from firsthand experience what these creatures can do, take the time to educate yourself on these wild animal defense systems in the video below.