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20 Terrifying Animals Who Have Gotten Hold of Knives

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Have you ever looked down to find your cat with a gleam in his eye that looked a little too menacing for comfort? Ever wondered what would happen if a revolution were staged by all the lobsters in that tank at the grocery store (you know, the one you always thought was an aquarium until you were old enough to learn the horrible truth)? Though you should be warned that the following imagery is not for the easily terrified, proceed if you'd like a peek into the world of animals who have gone off the deep end via these hilarious photos of animals with knives.

Some among these cute animals holding knives will be happy to tell you of their complaints and/or demands while others seem to have decided to leave it to their stabees to figure out... if they dare. Whether it was the final straw or an overly ambitious attitude toward their local PETA chapter’s mission, these stabby little dudes are armed with sharp objects and here to shut this sh*t down.

So the next time you're pushed over the edge, scroll on down to meet a group of furry little discontents who feel you. These guys have decided to take matters… and unfortunately your best kitchen knives, into their own hands, er, paws.
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    Knife Crab Is Afraid of No Man

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    That Horrible Moment When You're Both Out-Armed and Outnumbered

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    "Nice and Easy..."

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    "America. F*ck Yeah."

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