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15 Adorable Anime Characters With Horrifying Powers

March 8, 2021 2.3k votes 386 voters 16.3k views15 items

Have you ever been blown away by the sheer adorableness of an anime character, only to be blown away for a second time by how incredible terrifying their powers are? Because cute but dangerous characters appear in all kinds of anime, this likely sounds familiar. There's Eri from My Hero Academia whose Rewind quirk can work miracles and end lives. There's Selim Bradley from Fullmetal Alchemist whose cute face is a facade for a villainous heart. There's Pandora from Re:Zero whose absolute control over reality makes her one of the scariest characters in an already scary show. 

Vote up the cute anime characters with horrifying powers who sent a shiver down your spine. 

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    Alluka Zoldyck - Hunter x Hunter

    Photo: Madhouse

    The only daughter of the Zoldyck clan is kind and well-meaning, but the otherworldly spirit possessing her has some of the most dangerous powers in the Hunter x Hunter world. She can grant wishes, which sounds great until you realize that they come with a cost.

    To make a wish, you have to comply with her requests. If the last person who made a wish asked for something small, like a new computer, her requests will be easy to grant. But if they wished for something large, like wealth or power, she'll start asking for things like human organs. If enough of her requests are denied, the person denying them and the people they care about will meet a grisly end. 

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    Eri - My Hero Academia

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    Eri is a sweet and innocent young girl whose powers make her the target of villains. Her ability, Rewind, lets her reverse time on any living thing she touches. This can have enormous benefits, such as healing wounds, restoring youth, and eliminating illnesses. But it can also be wildly dangerous - she accidentally reversed her father's time by so many years that he disappeared.

    With training from Aizawa, she's slowly gaining mastery over her dangerous quirk. 

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    Mariko Kurama - Elfen Lied

    Photo: Arms

    Though she might appear frail, Mariko Kurama is actually one of the strongest Diclonius in the world of Elfen Lied. In the anime she can use 26 vectors, or powerful armlike extensions that can be used in combat. In the manga, that number expands to 50. She can also fight at a long-range, something that not every Diclonius is capable of. 

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    Selim Bradley - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    Selim Bradley looks like an ordinary little boy, but under the surface he's actually a terrifying homunculus named Pride. When he's attacking people with his multi-eyed, multi-mouthed black shadow, he looks more threatening than cute. But underneath his genuinely evil personality, he actually does feel attached to his human mother. We're not sure if that's cute, but it certainly is character complexity.

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