Cute Babies Who Grew Up to Be Movie Stars

List of cute babies who would one day grow up to be movie stars. Although some may believe that all babies are beautiful, we can all agree some are cuter than others. There’s no scientific way to take a look at the cute, chubby face of a child and know that they’re destined to be a star, but some babies just have a certain quality about them. The adorable babies on this list were bound for the spotlight on good looks alone.

Some of the actors on this list are now the biggest stars in the world. Many of them have gone on to have their own babies, many of whom are practically doppelgängers of their parent's sweet, younger selves. A few of these babies went on to be action stars, while others have shelves filled with prestigious awards.

Can you guess who these cute babies grew up to be from their picture alone? Check out this slideshow to see if you’re able to figure out the identity of these actors from their baby pictures.