Parents Are Sharing The Adorably Bad Hiding Spots Their Kids Used In Hide-And-Seek And It's Too Cute

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Hide-and-seek is one of the most commonly played childhood games, and if there's one aspect about it that never changes, it's how truly terrible some of the hiding spots children choose are. From standing behind transparent glass doors to trying to camouflage amongst short shrubbery, here are some of the adorably bad hiding places that children have tried using in hide-and-seek. Enjoy!

  • 1. If She Can't See Them

    If She Can't See Them
    Photo: u/secret_agent_dog / Reddit
    16 votes
  • 2. Honestly Not Bad

    Honestly Not Bad
    Photo: u/maxie62209 / Reddit
    14 votes
  • 3. Impressive

    Photo: u/meowmixalots / Reddit
    13 votes
  • 4. Like A Navy SEAL

    Like A Navy SEAL
    Photo: u/graspingwind / Reddit
    13 votes
  • 5. Feel That

    Feel That
    Photo: u/Damian411 / Reddit
    11 votes
  • 6. Just Like Drax

    Just Like Drax
    Photo: u/Satchmocoltrane / Reddit
    11 votes