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Cute Characters Who Say the Most Messed Up Things

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Who doesn’t love cute characters that steal the show? Everyone has those favorite adorable characters from their childhood that they found funny or adorable. But these days, the cuter the character are the more crass and inappropriate they can be. You can get away with more if you are considered adorable! Which cute characters say awful things?

There are Stewie and Brian from Family Guy, a baby and dog who know how to curse and work language for evil like few other characters can. Then there's that other Seth MacFarlane creation, the foul-mouthed Ted, from Ted and Ted 2. Many other adorable, sweet, old, and seemingly innocent characters have appeared on television and in movies throughout the years, though your opinion of their sweetness likely changed the second they opened their mouths.

Check out the list of the cutest characters who say some seriously f*cked up things. This list tells their backstory along with some of their best quotes. It will have you laughing at everything from a talking bear to a creepy grandfather.

Make sure to vote up the characters below that are the most crass, but also adorable. What makes adorable characters that say horrible things so funny? Let everyone know what you think in the comments section!
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    Herbert is one of the neighbors to the Griffin family. He seems very kind and even has a whistle lisp. However, he walks around in a robe and is seen making inappropriate comments to teenage boys.

    HerbertYou want a popsicle? My cellar’s full of popsicles!

    Herbert: If it gets too hot and sweaty for you out here feel free to take your shirt off.

    Herbert: Whoever can swallow the most Tylenol PM wins.

  • Professor Farnsworth is well over 160 years old and a mad scientist. He is often unpredictable and can be a danger to others because he is constantly making new dangerous experiments and weapons.

    Farnsworth: This is not a business. I always thought of it more as a cheap source of labor, like a family. 

    Farnsworth: Now, be careful, Fry. And if you kill anyone, make sure to eat their heart to gain their courage. Their rich, tasty courage. 

    Leela: I'm going to remind Fry of his humanity, the way only a woman can. 
    Farnsworth: You're going to do his laundry?

  • Zoidberg is from Decapod 10. He moves to Earth to practice medicine, has a heavy accent, and is homeless. He is often seen in dumpsters and eats trash. He is an outcast and possibly the worst doctor that has ever lived.

    Zoidberg: Ah, there’s nothing like the first cup of dumpster juice in the morning!

    Zoidberg: I’m looking for something beautiful and cheap for a lady who is one of those things!

    Zoidberg: You seem malnourished. Are you suffering from internal parasites?

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    Brian Griffin is the 8-year-old dog belonging to the Griffin family. He can speak in complete sentences and acts like a human. He is also best friends with Peter.

    Brian (to Peter): Lois has gained some weight since you guys stopped having sex. Maybe you should, uh, you know, have some sex.

    Meg: Wow, Brian! Have you lost weight? You gotta tell me your secret!
    Brian: Here's a hint: Put down the fork!

    Brian: I was just watching this special on VH1 about Gwen Stefani. I don't know what a hollaback girl is, all I know is I want her dead.


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