Cute 21 Dogs That Might Actually Be Bunnies  

Ashley Reign
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Have you ever wondered if animals admire the skills of other animals the way we admire the talents of other people who happen to be way better athletes than we are? Though most dogs appear to be thrilled at the prospect of, well really anything at all, we recently collected evidence that suggests that pooches may indeed get fur-envy from other animals, such as bunnies. While your average, everyday rabbit may seem like an odd choice, the following gifs of dogs acting like bunnies seems to suggest that cottontails may appear far more swag in the eyes of the average canine.

After all, when you consider the importance dogs place on hearing in order to sense danger, such as an oncoming garbage truck that needs to be scared away or the ever so wily approach of the neighborhood mailman, the idea of a creature with ears as long as its entire body makes a little more sense as a coveted figure. Below you’ll see some of the most adorable footage of dogs hopping their little hearts out. That's right - dogs hop, too!

So the next time you think your pooch could never relate to the cold sting of envy, think again. Whether these four-legged little dudes are nailing high flying leaps or are still getting the hang of a decent hop, they sure do look adorable doing it.

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