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The Cutest Animals Of The 2010s, Ranked

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Celebrity status isn't only reserved for humans anymore. Some of the most beloved personalities of the decade have been famous animals. The world is going to the dogs... and the cats, and the foxes, and even a raccoon. 

Whether they've garnered massive attention for their model-worthy Instagram posts, touched hearts across the world with their harrowing stories of survival, or simply offered a meme-worthy moment, these famous critters define some of the cutest moments of the decade. Vote up the sweetest animals of the 2010s capable of melting almost any cold, lifeless heart.

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    Manny The Frenchie

    A permanent resident of Chicago, Manny the Frenchie first found fame in 2013 after his affinity for sleeping in sinks went viral. Owners Amber Chavez and Jon Huang bought Manny at a discounted price after the breeder determined that the pup couldn't fetch top dollar. The couple quickly fell in love and started an Instagram account to share photos of their newest family member.  

    Eventually, Chavez quit her job and turned all her attention to managing Manny's social media accounts and his merchandise. The couple also used Manny's account to give back, hosting fundraisers and embarking on US tours to raise money for charity. Today, Manny is still going strong. He has over a million followers, as well as his own book.

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    People love Pomeranians. Don't believe us? Just ask Jiff, Instagram's famous tiny dog.

    In 2017, Jiff set the world record for the most Instagram followers for an animal, and he's only moving up. With over 9 million followers, it's pretty clear that people fell in love with this perfect Pomeranian.

    Jiff first appeared on the famous animal scene in 2014, when he set two Guinness World Records for the fastest animal to run 10 meters on their back paws and the fastest animal to run 5 meters on their front paws. Beyond simply posting pictures, Jiff works as a personality, using his cute charm to connect with other big names, from CEOs to beauty influencers. Notably, he kicked off his acting career when he starred in Katy Perry's 2014 video for "Dark Horse."

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    Eddie The Basketball Otter

    A resident of the Oregon Zoo, Eddie the sea otter went viral in 2013 when he showed off his basketball skills in an online video. First rescued as a pup in California in 1998, Eddie was an older otter suffering from arthritis. To help out the water mammal, the zoo trained him in basketball to help with his reflexes and movement.

    After achieving viral fame, Eddie lived for a few more years before passing in late 2018.

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    Juniper The Happiest Fox

    Cats and dogs are out - foxes are in.

    At around 3 years old, Juniper the Happiest Fox has nearly 3 million Instagram followers. She got her start when new fox mom Jessica Coker found a Facebook post about an Indiana fur farm looking for a home for a rescued fox. Coker obtained a permit and brought the fox to her home in Florida where she started an Instagram account to document her new pet's progress. Over time, Juniper transformed from a naughty wild animal to a sweet and playful house pet.

    Juniper released a book in 2018 and posts often on her Instagram, often featuring her other animal siblings, including the dog Moose and fellow fox Fig.