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The Cutest Funkos Of The Most Irredeemably Evil Characters

Updated September 23, 2021 4.4k views20 items

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Funko Pop has expanded its line to include a ton of characters, from Cinderella's adorable Gus Gus to horror icons and evil Disney villains from everyone's favorite animated and live-action movies. It was only a matter of time before the cute and the evil merged to form the perfect Funko Pop villains, capturing the spirit of dastardly characters in a ridiculously adorable figure. 

Featuring huge black eyes, giant heads, and tiny bodies, these eerily delightful versions of iconic villains include the monster clown Pennywise, the Skeksis from The Dark Crystal, and even He Who Shall Not Be Named from Harry Potter. Perfect for fans of both horror and Funko figurines, these Pops can easily earn a spot in a child-friendly space with their deceptive appearances. 

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    How cool is this unique-looking Funko? Two-face is one of the most iconic characters from the Batman franchise. Are you a huge Batman fan? You need this Funko. 

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    Ahh, the villain from Little Mermaid. Ursula is quite possibly one of the best Disney villains ever. This ev-eel (see what I did there?) lady will be a great addition to your Funko collection. 

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    Calling all MCU fans! This is a super cool Funko Pop and a must have for Mavel superfans. 

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    Maleficent's sinister joy in cursing others is the scariest part of her character - at least until she turns into a dragon and breathes fire at Prince Phillip.

    With the malice in her eyes replaced with Funko's signature black circles - and only angry eyebrows left behind - the Maleficent figurine just looks like an angry witch calling one of the four corners.