23 Adorable Gifs of Otters Using Tools

As if their over the top levels of adorable weren't already enough to set sea otters apart, they actually have another skill that makes them even more unique. As it turns out, science praises otter kind for being “one of the handful of non-primate species in the world that uses tools.” Though otters using tools doesn’t mean you should expect to see one manning a drill at a construction site any time soon, this collection of cute otter gifs here to show you just how talented these critters are.

Though they may not have mastered power tools quite yet, otters have totally nailed the art of using simple tools, such as rocks, to break the shells of food, such as clams. In fact, these gifs of otters using tools and mimicking other human behavior may come as a surprise, as they reveal that otters have been watching us a lot closer than you think.

  • Clam Lover Otter Utilizes this Rock to Crack Clams Like a Boss

  • Shoe Thief Otter Utilizes Stealth to Strike Like a... Strike Like a... Damn, One Second

  • Innovative Otter Utilizes Kayaking to... Well, Kayak

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  • Baby Otter Utilizes His Flipper to Back Stroke the Sh*t Outta this Pool

  • Author Otter Utilizes the Power of Metaphor to Express His Internal Dialogue

  • Eligible Otter Utilizes Axe Body Spray for Men