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17 Times Baby Hippos Redefined Cuteness Overload

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When it comes to proving that bigger is sometimes better, look no further than these cute photos of baby hippos who prove that there's nothing wrong with a little extra junk in the trunk. Here you'll see a collection of adorable baby hippo pics that prove they are one of the cutest baby animals. These baby hippopotami come from a wide variety of different places and backgrounds, such as the wilds of Africa and the Cincinnati Zoo. 

As you will soon see for yourself, baby hippopotamuses all have one thing in common - being so insanely cute that they will make you want to buy a pool so you can adopt one of your very own. Though taking a hippo into your home is quite possibly the wrong choice for obvious reasons, there is nothing wrong with a little vicarious living through these lucky folks who had a chance to hang out with some of the cutest baby hippos ever caught on film. So strap on your seatbelt and get ready for a super-sized portion of cuteness overload as you feast your eyes on some of the sweetest baby hippo pictures around. Vote up the most cutest baby hippopotamus photos!

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    Hello There, Might I Interest You In A Cuddle?

    Photo: u/tracieching / Reddit
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    Stealth: This Guy Has It

    Photo: u/kozanetMelik / Reddit
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    Nom Nom Nom

    Photo: Pinterest
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    The Many Faces Of This Little Man

    Photo: A Redditor / Reddit
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