The Cutest Pics of Gross-Looking Animals

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Sure, maybe they aren't the cutest animals - but these pics are pretty cute! Vote up your favorites.

Who knew such disgusting rodents and such could look so huggable? Petting a naked mole rat is never a good idea, but depending on the facial expression and camera angle, it doesn't look to bad. From things that fly to things that could kill us, these ugly yet adorable animals prove that we should always look for the best in the worst.

All ugly human beings should hire whoever these photographers are, because suddenly the nastiest-looking mammals look photogenic with the right lens. As it turns out, even the occasional bat can even be adorable. Smelly animals like skunk pigs, as well as scary animals like sharks, all have adorable photographs ranked here.

Yucky insects, like the jumping spider and Jerusalem cricket, must be posing with their hearts rather than their faces. Who would've thought a wombat could look endearing?