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Cute Cute Pictures of Animals Kissing  

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Ah, the power of a kiss! Throughout the centuries, mankind has stood in awe of the power of a lover’s lips to comfort us on a bad day, to make the world seem like a better place, and even to make us fall in love. Here however, we’ve chosen to celebrate not mankind’s love of kisses, but that of fur-kind’s. That’s right; these cute animals kissing love to pucker up just as much as the rest of us. So what better way to bring a smile to your own lips than to check out these cute pictures of adorable animals sharing a quick kiss?
We’ve collected the best photos that feature some of the cuddliest critters around sharing a smooch with their beaus, best friends, and even their moms. We’ve got everything from fluffy kitten kisses to adorable odd couples, and even a couple of loving llamas kissing. These little guys will lend you a bit of hope the next time you need some reassurance that love conquers all. Because hey, if a cat can learn to love a butterfly, who says there’s no hope for your non-committal boyfriend?
So leave your cares behind as you bask in the adorable glow of these cute animals kissing. Whether you’re having a rough day or just want to make a good day even better, we’re pretty sure you’ll find these cuddly animal couples irresistibly smile-inspiring. Scroll down and pucker up for some of the cutest animal kisses ever seen.
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This Happy Husky Couple

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"Don't Worry Doggie, I Protect You."

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These Bunny Love Bugs

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"Moooom, Not in Front of My Friends!"

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