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Possum videos- I have listed all the best and cutest possum videos here. Possum or Opossums as they called, can be cute for some and kinda creepy for others. Nonetheless, there are quite a few cute possum videos doing the rounds on Youtube videos. The least the possums could do to make a video cute is just by being friendly(very rare for sure!). Enjoy this rare compilation of all the cutest possum videos.

These adorable possum videos are sure to make you say "ahh" and some of the clips on this list of the greatest possum videos will even make you laugh until you cry (or click on another cute possum video). With all the amazing possum videos on the internet, it's hard to pick the best possum clips, but these are some of the top possum videos online and you can vote on the best ones.

Here is a collection of funny and cute possums video list when you need a good laugh. What are the best possum videos online? Where can I find cute possum videos? Right here on this cute possum video list! Make sure to upvote your favorite possum videos so other possum lovers can enjoy them too.
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Opossum Loves Strawberries

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Video: YouTube
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Baby Possum In The Pool

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Video: YouTube
Baby possum swimming, playing dead & more!
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A Mothers Balancing Act

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Twosome Awesome

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Video: YouTube
Mommy and baby possums visit and grab a snack.