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Cute puppies: The latest and cutest pup videos are here for you. We search the internet for all the cute YouTube puppies videos. Web video clips of cute animals and pet videos are all the rage, and why not? There are hundreds of thousands of videos but none are more fun to watch than cute animal videos. Criteria for getting selected on this list? One, that they must be super freakin’ cute animals and two, at least a million other people thought these are the most adorable four legged friends.

Theseadorable puppy videos are sure to make you say "ahh" and some of theclips on this list of the greatest puppy videos will even make you laugh untilyou cry (or click on another cute puppy video). With all the amazing puppyvideos on the internet, it's hard to pick the best puppy clips, but these aresome of the top puppy videos online and you can vote on the best ones.

Here is a collection of funny and cute puppies video listwhen you need a good laugh. What are the best puppy videos online? Where can Ifind cute puppy videos? Right here on this cute puppy video list! Make sure toupvote your favorite puppy videos so other puppy lovers can enjoy them too.