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Photos That Prove Trash Pandas Are The Cutest Creatures In The Animal Kingdom

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If you’ve ever secretly wanted to pet the hell out of an adorably fluffy raccoon, then these loveable raccoon pics are for you! You can live vicariously through the photos taken by a few folks who have found themselves lucky enough to have the opportunity to get close and personal with the critters. Many of the insanely cute raccoons you’ll find here are rescues who have been taken in until they’re mature enough to venture out into the wild. Some people, including President Coolidge and his wife, have actually kept raccoons as pets. However, while the tricky little creatures tend to be happy in human company when younger, they can grow increasingly destructive and aggressive as they mature.

These little dudes definitely earn their burglar-style masks because they have hands so nimble, they can unlace a shoe, sneak coins out of your pocket, and laugh in the face of any cage, most of which they can easily unlatch! Though these adorable raccoon pictures may indeed leave you with an unyielding desire to someday kiss one’s head, equip yourself with facts about raccoons before carefully approaching one in the wild. Be warned: they are known to be aggressive. And even though baby raccoons may be friendly, their moms tend to be notoriously protective.

You may be able to glean from the following pictures of raccoons - or "trash pandas" as they are affectionately called by some - that they are super smart, ranking higher than cats and just below monkeys on the IQ scale. They can also make over 50 different sounds, ranging from purrs to hisses to whistles. So without further ado, check out this collection of adorable raccoons getting their cute on, and vote up your favorite ones.