15 Times That Snails Redefined Adorable For The Animal Kingdom

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No one in their right mind would think snails are cute, right? Well, these cute snail photos may be enough to make you reconsider. Okay, so snails may not exactly be the cuddliest little dudes in the world, but Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko has a gift for featuring them in adorable photos that are enough to make anyone say, "Awww."  Here you'll find a collection of some of his most incredible pictures of snails that may just change the way you see them forever.

Despite the bad rap snails occasionally get as shameless slimers, these adorable snail pics will help you to see snails as the upstanding citizens they actually are. One of the coolest snail facts is that not only are all snails apparently responsible enough to own their own homes, but they even carry their houses everywhere. So the next time you see an adorable little slimy guy in your path, perhaps you'll give him a break. After all, he's probably trying to move, even though it's going to take him a couple thousand seconds. Check out some surprisingly adorable snail photographs below and vote up the cutest ones.