18 Adorable Snake Pics That Will Convince You They're Harmless Happy Noodles

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Can snakes be cute? Definitely, though it's easy to see why people often fear them. They bite, they can be venomous, and what the heck happened to their legs? But before you judge, remember: like humans, snakes are just living creatures doing their best to survive.

These scale-covered critters are certainly odd, but they kind of get a bad rap. Snakes aren't as cold-blooded you might think, and these cute snake pictures prove it. Adorable snakes can be just as cuddly as puppies or kittens, even without the fur. Some will even slither right up to their pet siblings and fall asleep.

These cute photos of snakes prove that the happy noodle boys and girls are delightful critters who can make excellent pets – just remember to respect their space.