The 35 Cutest Animal GIFs on the Internet

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Animal GIFs are some of the cutest things on the internet. Want to see a cute kitten with a baby or a hedgehog taking a bath? There's a GIF for that. GIFs capture those sweet, funny, cuddly moments in the daily life of some of the most adorable animals on earth and all the furry creatures on this list of the cutest animal GIFs will make you swoon with how adorable they are.

Take a look at this list of cute animal GIFS and let your heart melt into a big, drippy puddle. These cute cats and dogs, turtles, sloths, and rabbits and other sweet animals are going to have you saying "awww" in no time.

Whether you're a cat person, a dog person or one of those people who own a pot-bellied pig, let this list of adorableness help you get through the day with maximum cuteness levels. Let the sweet kisses and best snuggles ever begin!

Vote up the cutest, most adorable and sweet animal GIFs on the list below and just try to keep yourself from falling for these cute little creatures.


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    The Drowsy Duck


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    Passed Out!


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    Puppy Love



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    Peak a Boo


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    My Ball!


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    Polar Express


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