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The 22 Cutest Anime Characters Of All Time

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If you're looking for a mega dose of kawaii, look no further, because this list is dedicated to the cutest anime characters the medium has to offer. 

Cute anime characters can appear in any genre, but they tend to be concentrated in the slice of life genre - Nadeshiko Kagamihara from Laid Back Camp, a relaxing anime about camping, comes to mind. There are some notable exceptions from shonen, like Izuku Midoriya as a little kid, and Rem from Re:Zero. There are even some cute anime characters from sports anime - Onoda Sakamichi will have you singing the Love Hime theme song long after you've finished Yowamushi Pedal. 

Be prepared for your heart to explode from all the adorableness. 

  • Kanna Kamui might be a powerful dragon, but she's also an adorable little girl. Initially, she wants to bring Tohru back to the dragon realm, but she ends up becoming Tohru and Kobayashi's daughter figure and attending third grade in a Japanese public school. 

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  • Nezuko - 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba'
    Photo: ufotable

    After being turned into a demon, Nezuko and her brother Tanjiro search for a way to turn her back. And although it's in a demon's nature to eat humans, Nezuko is able to suppress her instincts and retain her humanity. Who knew a demon could be so cute?

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  • Shiro - 'No Game No Life'
    Photo: Madhouse

    Shiro is a super smart 11-year-old girl who spends most of her time gaming with her older brother. When the two of them are transported to another world where gaming carries real consquences she's able to fully display her hidden brilliance - and look precious while doing so. 

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  • The Platelets are super cute representations of an actual component of human blood cells. Their job is to create fibrin, which they use to patch up wounds and stop blood from leaving the body. 

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