The Cutest Beagle Pictures

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This photo gallery includes photos of the cutest beagles on the internet. This list has not just adorable beagle puppies, but also the cutest pictures of adult beagles. Beagles are medium-sized hunting dogs and one of the cutest dog breeds around. Vote up the cutest, sweetest beagle pictures below.

Dogs are man's best friend and have a special ability to lift spirits with their cuteness and companionship. This is exactly what this list of cute beagle pictures does as well. This breed is traditionally bred to hunt and beagles are extremely intelligent, but can sometimes be very stubborn.

Beagles are traditionally tri-color and look very similar to fox hounds, but with smaller noses.  Due to their even temperament, they make great house pets. Beagle puppies are particularly adorable and many of them can be found in this gallery of the cutest beagles.

These cute beagles are known especially for their keen sense of smell and their gentle disposition, a distinct characteristic of beagles found all over. Beagles also make excellent companions because of their loyal nature.