The Cutest Boy Puppy Names

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Whether it's Fido, Sparky, or Prince Charles the Pup, your furry fella comes when you call him. Man's best friend is loyal and lovable but what you name him is up to you. Some dog owners chose to give their pet a more human sounding name like Frank, Theo, or Jake ensuring their bundle of cuteness will fit right in with the family. Others go for a sillier name like Boomer, Captain, or Ace.

Different names tend to be more or less popular depending on the breed of the dog. Bauer is a trendy name with Boston Terriers but you don't meet a lot of Pit Bulls named Bundles. 
Whatever you decide to name your little buddy, always treat your dog with respect and make sure he knows a few basic commands. It's always cute and impressive seeing a well behaved dog go fetch, lay down, or shake paws.

Just like names for people, male doggy names have trends, too. Here you can vote for some of your favorite super funny ones or add your own adorable puppy name.

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  • Tucker
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  • Toby
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  • Lucky
    81 votes
  • Oliver
    98 votes


  • Marley
    95 votes


  • Duke
    75 votes