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The Most Inconceivably Adorable Creatures To Come Out Of The 'Star Wars' Universe

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Just when you thought the anticipation building around Star Wars: The Last Jedi couldn't get any higher, Lucasfilm/Disney/The Powers That Be released a glorious final trailer that's basically two minutes and thirty-five seconds of fake-outs. But amongst all the crazy blips of action was the public's first look at geekdom's newest darling, the Porgs.

Knocking BB-8 off the pedestal for most adorable space thingy, Porgs have become a viral obsession for Star Wars fans since they were first unveiled in a behind-the-scenes video shown at D23 in 2017. They instantly became a fixture in fan art and memes. hosted a Q and A with Pablo Hidalgo after the Porgs' reveal, and the Lucasfilm Story Group member said that "the idea that there’s an entire animal kingdom living amid the drama and adventure of the Star Wars saga is a compelling one."

Or, in other words, every animal species in the Star Wars galaxy is adorable and should totally be real-life pets. They're some of the best characters in the series.

(Speaking of adorable, see what cast members on The Mandalorian thought when they first saw Baby Yoda.)

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    Convorees can be found across multiple systems in both Star Wars: The Clone Wars Animated Series and Star Wars: Rebels. These little owl-like creatures have been a point of debate among fans – are they simply adorable, or are they harbingers of things to come?

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    Babu Frik

    Babu Frik made his debut in The Rise of Skywalker, assisting the Rebellion's heroes by getting a particularly tricky translation out of C-3PO's head on Kijimi. The little droidsmith is something of a mystery, but he's certainly a capable (and adorable) mechanic.

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    These little guys are an offshoot of the tooka cat that has adapted to the planet Lothal of the Loth System. They can be seen in Star Wars: Rebels.

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    Found on the arid planet of Atollon in Star Wars: Rebels, Dokma are often the target of spider-like creatures called Krykna that are the thing of nightmares.

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