The Cutest Dalmatian Pictures

Few things are cuter than the adorable spots on a dalmatian. This list has the cutest pictures of dalmatians including pictures of adult dalmatians as well as the sweetest dalmatian puppies. Dalmatians are particularly sought after breed for their muscular body type, liver spotted coat, and stamina. Vote up the most adorable, absolute cutest pictures of dalmatians below.

Dogs have a special ability to lift spirits and this is exactly what this list of the cutest dalmatian pictures does. Dalmatians were originally were bred in Croatia in the Dalmatia region and used as a carriage dogs. Dalmatians make excellent companions and are beloved family pets. They make great family pets as they are not at all aggressive and make excellent guard dogs. Dalmatian puppies are adorable and this list includes some of the cutest dalmatian puppies and full grown dalmatians.  

These cute dalmatians are typically known for athletic abilities and companionship. Dalmatians in this photo gallery are all playful and loving, a distinct characteristic of dalmatians found all over.
Photo: flickr / CC0

  • 1. Dalmatian Pup in the Garden

    Dalmatian Pup in the Garden
    Photo: user uploaded image
    137 votes
  • 2. Dalmatian Pups Hugging One Another

    Dalmatian Pups Hugging One Another
    Photo: user uploaded image
    200 votes
  • 3. Dalmatian Pup Lounging in the Grass

    Dalmatian Pup Lounging in the Grass
    Photo: user uploaded image
    153 votes
  • 4. Pile of Dalmatian Puppies

    Pile of Dalmatian Puppies
    Photo: user uploaded image
    124 votes
  • 5. Lone Pup in a Bucket

    Lone Pup in a Bucket
    Photo: user uploaded image
    143 votes
  • 6. Skulking Puppy

    Skulking Puppy
    Photo: user uploaded image
    132 votes