The Cutest Doberman Pictures

Who can resist the sweet, cute, dark eyes of a doberman. This list of adorable doberman pictures includes adult Dobermans as well as little puppy Dobermans. Doberman Pinscher are a particularly sought after breed due to their their intelligence, loyalty, and companionship. Whenever you are feeling down you can simply look at picture of a Doberman and it will make you smile.

Dobermans were originally bred in Germany and can be outdoor or indoor dogs. Originally bred to be protective dogs, the Doberman is characterized as ferocious, although very smart. These dogs are often aggressive towards strangers, but are very loving toward their owners and are almost too cute to handle. Doberman puppies are adorable and this list includes some of the cutest Doberman puppies around.

These cute Doberman Pinschers are typically known for their long tails, and can be found typically in just two colors. Dobermans in this photo gallery all share an instinctive and stately demeanor, a characteristic of a Doberman puppy found all over. Dobermans are easy to train and make excellent companion and watch dogs.

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