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The Cutest Fictional Foxes In Movies & TV

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We’re ranking the cutest fox characters of all time. Let's face it: foxes in fiction tend to get a bad rep. They're often cast as the villain or the sneaky trickster due to the wiles of their real-life counterparts. But not every fox has to be bad. In fact, some of the cutest critters in TV and movies come in Fox form.

Every so often you'll find fictional foxes that concentrate more on being cute than being sneaky. Sure, Nick Wilde from Zootopia may be sly, but he’s also just as sweet. Little Tod from the Fox and the Hound showed audiences that just because foxes have sharp teeth doesn’t mean they’re dangerous.

From friendly, big-eyed cartoon characters to some of the more adorable creatures from the world of Pokemon, here you'll find a comprehensive list of the cutest fictional fox characters around. Which fox do you think is the cutest?

Vote up your favorite foxes and add your own fox friends if they’re missing from the list.


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