The Cutest German Shepherd Pictures

This photo gallery includes photos of the cutest German Shepherd puppies as well as cute pictures of adult German Shepherds. German Shepherds are a large breed of dogs originally bred in Germany. For their size, intelligence, and durability, German Shepherds are often used as work dogs or police dogs. Vote up the cutest, sweetest German Shepherd pictures below to decide which of these cute animals is most adorable.
Dogs are man's best friend and have a special ability to lift spirits. This is exactly what the cute pups on this list of the cutest German Shepherd pictures does. This breed is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.  They have the ability to find people and literally sniff out trouble. They are used in the military, in search and rescue, and as bomb or drug dogs. Their coats come in many colors and they are often known to wear “masks” around their faces - a black layer of hair around their eyes and face. This breed, when trained and socialized well, is typically very well mannered and friendly. However, without proper training they can be very aggressive.
These cute German Shepherds are known especially for their keen intelligence, watch dog abilities, and friendly temperament, so German Shepherds make make excellent companions.