The Cutest Maltese Pictures

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This photo gallery includes photos of the cutest Maltese puppies as well as cute pictures of adult Malteses. Maltese are a toy breed of dog, originally from the Central Mediterranean area. They originate from the island of Malta, and are a very ancient breed, with roots that date far back. Vote up the cutest, sweetest Maltese pictures below.

Dogs are man's best friend and have a special ability to lift spirits. This is exactly what the Maltese puppies on this list of cutest Maltese pictures does. This breed is very small, weighing only 3-10 pounds. They are often white with curly, hypoallergenic coats. They have rounded skulls and a black button nose. Their coats are long and white and can sometimes have brown markings. They are friendly and loving companions, but don’t always get along well with children. They are extremely active, with high energy levels and often need a lot of space to run around. They are high jumpers and fast runners. Homes with backyards often make the ideal setting for this breed. Maltese also have a tendency to bark incessantly and often make snorting noises.

Maltese are sought after for their adorable faces and small stature. These cute Malteses are known especially for their intelligence, easy trainability, and friendly temperament and they make make excellent companions.