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Married anime characters are surprisingly rare. While romantic relationships are abundant, those relationships rarely end in marriage within the time frame of a given story. Because most anime focus on kids, teenagers, and young adults, many of whom are orphaned or living with single parents, it's rare to see characters with pre-established marriages. 

That said, whether it's seeing a couple you become invested in take their relationship to the next level, or seeing how a older relationship functions when the pressures of real life intervene, married anime couples can add some real depth to a story.

So, who are some of the best married couples in anime? Everyone has their own personal favorites - maybe one of yours will be on this list. Vote up the couples whose wedding you'd want to attend, and vote down the pairs you wish would sign divorce papers.

Izumi Curtis is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Married Couples In Anime
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Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood features one of the best married couples in anime history, Sig and Izumi Curtis. What makes them so great? First of all, they have an awesome meet-cute story - Izumi is carrying a bear on her back when she crashes headfirst into Sig. She's mad at first, but then she notices how attractive he is. When they touch hands, the whole world turns to roses. It's ridiculously adorable, and they sustain that level of goopy-eyed passion throughout their marriage.

This alone would be good enough - but the relationship goes much deeper. Their first child was stillborn, and Izumi almost died in her attempt to bring him back via alchemy. Such a devastating event could have broken their marriage, but if anything, it made it stronger. 

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If you've been watching Naruto from the beginning, you might not have expected Naruto and Hinata to end up getting married. While Hinata had a crush on Naruto from the start, it took years for Naruto to see Hinata as more than a classmate or fellow ninja. That said, their relationship is built on a strong foundation - Hinata deeply respects and admires Naruto for his refusal to give up despite being a social pariah. His strength in the face of adversity encouraged her to become stronger, too.

Meanwhile, Hinata offered love and acceptance that Naruto couldn't find anywhere else - and he didn't have to do anything to earn it, he just had to be himself. 

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How Vegeta and Bulma of the Dragon Ball Universe actually get together is anyone's guess, but that's part of what makes it so fun to watch. Vegeta, a villainous alien whose initial goal is to defeat Goku, ends up falling in love with Bulma, a brash and opinionated human who isn't taking any of his crap. Their marriage is a testament to how much love can change a person, and it's every bit as romantic as it is hilarious.

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Basically everybody gets married by the end of the Fruits Basket manga, but even anime-only fans could tell that Kyo and Tohru was going to be end game. Tohru is painfully empathetic to the point where she hurts herself in her attempt to perform emotional triage for others. Despite being an abused orphan with severe anger management issues who desperately needs what Tohru's offering, Kyo doesn't just blindly accept her caretaking. He forces her to prioritize her own needs, and helps her when she can't take care of herself.

They've seen each other at their worst - including Kyo's transformation into a literal monster - but they're still standing at each others' sides. When they get married in the manga, its as touching as it is inevitable. 

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