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Laughing, Hugging And 12 More Reason Why Penguins Are The Best

Updated 27 May 2020 16.8k views14 items

Everyone knows penguins are the cutest. Is it possible they could be even cuter than once thought? Most definitely. Their uncanny ability to warm hearts even at the coldest temperatures is, without a doubt, their secret to surviving for 60 million years. Adorable penguins are one of the cutest animals of all time - especially baby penguins - and these lovable creatures are super smart too. If only we humans could catch on to some of their secrets, we might enjoy the same sort of longevity that caused these mesmerizing birds to beat out the Ice Ages.

Penguins are masters of self sacrifice and as you read along, you’ll soon learn they have more in common with humans than you might expect. Their love lives, specifically, are a spectacle to behold. Imagine a lone penguin, proposing to his soul mate with a smooth pebble in his beak and his brave heart on the line. Get ready to feel your heart swell, here are some of the cutest penguin facts ever.

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