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The Cutest Pixar Animals

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When it comes to animated movies, sometimes it’s the animals that take center stage. In fact, some of the most popular animals from Pixar are some of the studio's best characters. From friendly fish to interesting insects, these characters are some of the most iconic.

From Dory to Flik, little Remy and even that little dog Dug, this list includes the cutest, most adorable animal characters from any and every Pixar movie. Even if the film revolves around human characters such as Brave or Up, animal companions and other characters are sure to make an appearance. Loved by both children and adults, the greatest Pixar animals combine cuteness with likable personalities. This pixar animals list covers everything from cutest Pixar birds - like Piper or Kevin - to cutest Pixar fish like Dory and Nemo.

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Photo: Buena Vista Pictures

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    200 VOTES
    Photo: Finding Nemo / Pixar
    • Appears In: Finding Nemo
    200 votes
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    Photo: Piper / Pixar
    • Appears In: Piper
    152 votes
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    178 VOTES


    Photo: Up / Pixar
    • Appears In: Up, Dug's Special Mission
    • Powers & Abilities: Great Tracker
    178 votes
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    147 VOTES
    Photo: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
    • Appears In: Finding Nemo
    147 votes
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    122 VOTES


    Photo: Feast / Pixar
    • Appears In: Feast
    122 votes
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    168 VOTES


    Photo: Ratatouille / Pixar Animation Studios
    • Appears In: Ratatouille, Your Friend the Rat
    168 votes