The Cutest Poodle Pictures

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What's cuter than a poodle? This list has the cutest pictures of poodles, from adorable poodle puppies to the sweetest full grown poodles. Poodles are a particularly sought after canine breed for their beautiful appearance, affable demeanor, and show-worthy stature. Some poodles are groomed in a distinctive poodle style, while others have owners who choose to keep the full coat. The poodles in this photo gallery all share a playful demeanor, a distinct characteristic of poodles. These pups are easy to train and make excellent companion animals. 

These cute poodles are typically known for their curly hair and can be found typically with a white, black, or golden coat. They also come in many breeds: standard, miniature, and toy. Originally bred to be a water retriever dog in Germany and then France, the poodle is typically one of the smartest dogs and often win "Best in Show" for their good breeding. 

Dogs are man's best friend and have a special ability to lift spirits - and this is exactly what this list of cutest dog pictures does. Vote up the cutest, sweetest, most adorable poodle pictures below.