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Times Cyclops Was The Biggest Jerk In The Marvel Universe

Of all the X-Men in the Marvel Universe, arguably no character is more divided among fans than Scott Summers. There are a number of Cyclops defenders, but many fans dish out some serious Cyclops insults. Some call him an uptight boy scout. Others see him as a less-cool Magneto. There are nearly endless Cyclops burns to choose from.

But even the most dedicated Cyclops fan can agree that he's shown moments of d*ckishness. Even when he's fighting for the greater good, he's "uptight, mean Cyclops." Then there are the darker sins he's committed.

Don't believe Cyclops is an a**hole? Check out this list of the most brutal Cyclops moments and choices he's made. He may be a boy scout, but he certainly doesn't deserve any merit badges.

  • When He Was Possessed by the Phoenix Force

    Arguably, Cyclops's most jerkfaced moment happened during Avengers Vs. X-Men crossover in 2012 due to the body count alone. The god-like powers of the Phoenix possessed Scott Summers and transformed him into one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. Luckily, a combined group of Avengers and X-Men were able to take him down, but not without heavy sacrifices and loss of life.

  • When He Became the New Magneto

    For decades, Scott Summers adhered to the teachings of Charles Xavier, fighting for the rights of mutants while peacefully co-existing and working alongside humans. He believed in the cause so much that he fought against the volatile and separatist views of Magneto. Well, in X-Men comic book titles in 2012 leading to 2013's Uncanny X-Men, Cyclops starts to adopt more of Magneto's philosophy as soon as mutants became more of a minority than they already were.

    While his intentions may have been good, he became hellbent on making younger mutants into soldiers rather than students. Even Magneto became concerned about Summers' new outlook. The worst villain is one that doesn't believe he's being a villain at all.

  • When He Elected Himself Leader of All Mutants

    When Norman Osborn rose to power, one of the goals was to create disarray between mutants and the human community. During the Utopia crossover, most of the X-Men were experiencing more blame and hate crimes against them, with both mutants and humans inciting riots. This forced Summers and the X-Men to take a big risk. Scott led and relocated all the mutants to an island off the coast of California, calling it "Utopia." He invited any and all other mutants to join and live with their kind.

    Once this community had been established, who was conveniently in charge? Scott Summers. No elections, no vote, no choice. Not even fellow X-Men were considered for leadership. While Cyclops may have had noble intentions, he still gained and expected power in his position. He may not have asked for power, but he didn't relinquish it, either. This isn't unlike Magneto's tyrannical reign on the all-mutant space colony known as Asteroid M.

  • When He Killed His Mentor, Charles Xavier

    The biggest blow in 2012's Avengers Vs. X-Men was when Cyclops was possessed by the Phoenix Force and murdered his longtime father figure, Charles Xavier. While Summers argues that he had no control over his decisions due to the Phoenix Force, he still did it. Many question whether he's more of a monster because he caused Xavier's death or if he's a monster because he shirks responsibility from it.